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A Look at the History of Smurf Accounts

Smurf accounts have been existing since the inception of online gaming. In fact, many experts believe that the first smurf account was created in 1996 during the time when a popular online game, Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness was reigning. Since then, the popularity of smurf accounts have been increasing rapidly and many people nowadays have already adopted them.

If you are a new online gamer, then there is a high probability that you haven’t come across a smurf account before. Don’t let your heartbeat increase abnormally as we have all experienced this at some points in time, and we also recall the way we reacted after we learned about smurf accounts!

In this article, we will break down and carefully analyze the weird slangs and other confusing words used by players to enable you to understand the basic online terminology. We will also consider the history and concept of a smurf account. Why do individuals smurf? And what are its features? You will get these facts from this article, so endeavor to read through.

What are Smurf Accounts?

To break down the terminology, a smurf account is simply another account used by a player to practice. It might sound funny to term it as an account, but these terms have been existing since ages which we will dwell more on later.

The basic fact that you need to know at the moment is that a smurf account is a different account used by a player which allows them to partake in the gaming activities under a separate name. With no pressure or reputation to build, this implies players can explore more and play in a totally different style. After all, what is the point in engaging in gaming activities if not for fun?

The History of Smurf Accounts

I am sure you are probably wondering how the creators of the account came up with a funny name like smurf. Well, we will tell you the origin of the name and how the name was permanently chosen.

In the late 90’s, lots of gamers loved to engage in the online gaming activity Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. This competitive game involves several people who compete with one another to become the best player. Some players were so incredible that they had a problem: other players didn’t want to play against them. Due to this, many players couldn’t find the game on the internet which made the game to be extremely dull. This problem made players to create new accounts using different names to enable them to play undetected.

Two of the first players to recreate this process were Warp and Shlonglor who named their new accounts as Smurfette and PapaSmurf. That was how smurf account was created! They could have chosen something different, but smurf seems to be the one that stuck.

Today, lots of games now have their own smurf accounts to enable players to practice and explore new techniques on the new accounts without being detected. Asides from the fact that they can compete with anyone they want, it also offers a platform to enable them to practice and be humiliated if they wish. By playing with another account, it stops them from losing their current reputation or account ranking and won’t result in any damage to their reputation.

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