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Best Truck Tool Boxes Review

Trucks are renowned vehicles that are useful for carrying tools and equipment. As convenient as the bed of the truck may seem, it is not pleasing driving around with tools rolling around the truck bed. A solution to this problem of tool and equipment disorganization is getting a truck bed toolbox, as it will keep your tools in a secured place. This will further be of assistance to the truck, just so that it does not scratch the bed of the truck with the tools that are bumping around. Visit the damn tools blog for tips and tricks on how you choose the best truck toolbox.

It is important you are aware of the fact that there are different truck bed toolboxes that you can choose from. One tough challenge that you are bound to encounter is that you are not sure on which one to settle with when we know to so much about tool boxes. This guide will help you in understanding the differences between the different toolboxes, just so that you can get rid of the ones that do not suit your needs and requirements.

UWS – Best Overall Truck Bed Tool Box

USW offers this black aluminum truck bed toolbox to truck owners for the storage of all their tools.

The lid creates a barrier between the outside layers of aluminum that prevents this lid from bending or warping. The lid is fully foamed.

It is important you are aware of the fact that the locking handles are fabricated from stainless steel and they provide much strength and security. This toolbox features 3 compartment sliding trays for storing small items. These compartments are rust free and the tools can easily be retrieved whenever they are needed.

The one-piece tub has sufficient strength and room to support heavy loads and it will not leak.

There is an easy pull that automatically closes the self-closing struts. So when your hands are full, this toolbox can secure all the tools in it.

There screwdrivers holder and trays built-in to give additional strength to this toolbox. The lid opens for a full 90 degrees, so there is no problem with loading and unloading the screws.


There is no doubt that this is the perfect truck bed toolbox to have on your work truck.

This full sized, single lid deep truck toolbox has lots of features that make it a popular demand among truck owners.

This truck bed tool box features a dual gear-lock self-adjusting rotary lock. It secured the content of the toolbox from damage and theft. There is a self-aligning latch pin that pivots sideways, back and forth and locks tight, thus providing more security for the toolbox contents. In addition, you will find end mounted push buttons that make it convenient and easy to access the toolbox.

The gear lock system of this truck bed toolbox requires no adjustment of any kind. The compartments sliding tray hold more items and it is very convenient. Each end of the toolbox has built-in storage bin and an RSL laminated lid bolster strengthens the lid and more strength to it.

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