Mar 31

Green Indo Kratom: The Ultimate Guide

Green Indo Kratom Origin

Green Indo Kratom, one of the most famous Kratom strains, is a green tropical evergreen tree from Southeast Asia and is native to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea. Kratom, scientifically called Mitragyna Speciosa, contains a chemical ‘mitragynine’ which help in releiving pain.

Kratom is a member of Rubiaceae family and its other members are coffee and gardenia. Gardenia fruits, with a strong sweet scent flowers, are used to make medicines to cure anxiety, bleeding, cancer, fever, high blood pressure, etc. Kratom plant has yellow flowers with dark green and glossy leaveswith smooth grey coloured bark. Kratom leaves is generally consumed by chewing, drying, smoking, putting into capsules or tablets or by brewing into tea.  Kratom is also used as a recreational drug with some serious side effects like hallucinations, seizure, liver damage, etc., because of which it is banned in some states of US.

Green Vein Indo Kratom lies between Red Kratom and White Kratom so it contains effects of both the strains. Green Indo Kratom with pain relieving effect of Red Kratom strain and stimulating and energy enhancing effect of White Kratom strain is largely consumed by professionals and students to maintain high level of focus.

The Green Vein Indo has high ingestion effect and is also used for treatment of pain, diarrhea, withdrawl of opiates like heroine, opium, etc. and is also used for energy boosting and mood enhancing. Many workers in southeast asian region consume the green indo kratom to increase energy and stamina.

Green Indo Kratom Effects and Benefits

Green Indo is a milder alternative to other strains of Kratom. As earlier said, it carries the benefits of white and red, both strains of Kratom, it helps in

  • Relieving pain
  • Mood enhancing
  • Stimulating
  • Energy boosting
  • Withdrawal of addictive drugs like heroin
  • Improvement in alertness
  • High focus levels
  • Kill depression and anxiety
  • Mild euphoria

The effects of Indo Green Vein Kratom can be seen in 2-4 minutes and mostly affects the mental side of the user. It generates hormones in the blood which helps to feel good, relieve pain and boosting of energy.

It is necessary to take appropriate dose to prevent severe side effects on the user. Overdose might lead to headache, anger, increased heart rate, discomfort, etc. Many people consume it as an alternative of smoking and other bad habits.

Green Indo Kratom Dosage

As said before, it is very important to consider the dosage of Green Indo Kratom as a slight overdose can result adverse side effects on the human body which may even lead to liver damage. Consumers generally consume the Green Indo kratom through capsules which is around 400mg.

The appropriate amount of dosage depends on various factors which are:

  • Weight
  • Age
  • Reaction of body to the strain
  • Health conditions, etc.

The light dose of 2-2.5 grams of Indo Green Vein will give the basic effects of it, i.e., pain relief while moderate dose of 2.5-4 grams of Green Indo kratom will give all effects of it, i.e., mood enhancing, stimulating, energy boosting, increased alertness and high focus level.

The side effects of Indo Green Kratom started to be seen in high dose of 4-6 grams of the strain. Here, user will experience of headaches, discomfort, increased heart rate, etc. The very high dosage of 6-9 grams will show adverse effects on the mental and physical health of the user. These adverse effects can be liver damage, seizure, dependence, anger, fever, trouble sleeping, etc.

Alcohol dependant people, people with mental disorder and women with pregnancy should take preventive measures and should go through a thorough research before consuming it as it can worsen the mental conditions of the consumers.

Where to buy Green Indo Kratom

Kratom Green Vein Indo are available and anyone can buy it easily online. Price varies differently on various websites depending on its size, quality, packaging and shipping. One should only buy after consulting it with a pharmacist or after researching about it online regarding the amount and time of consumption to get the best results of this Kratom. One can easily search for these websites just by searching the particular kratom strain they want to buy. Although they are available online with unlimited sources, there are many times the strain is mislabelled or misrepresented by shady businesses, so one must purchase Kratom Green Indo  strains from trusted and scientifically tested approved websites.

Lynsey Cordeiro